Are we all hedonists?


Are we all hedonists? Are we all pleasure seeking animals? I know I am! I confess: I love eating out, going to a nice restaurant, having a glass of champagne or wine. I love listening to my favourite music or watching a wonderful movie. And I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. How about you? I bet you feel the same… or not completely? OK, while I love Thai cooking, you might prefer traditional French or Italian cuisine. And maybe you prefer beer or a freshly-made juice instead of wine. And while I like rock and classical music, you might prefer pop or dance. Still, I think we have a lot in common… because it’s one of the pleasures of life to enjoy a good meal, a nice drink, good music, etc. You can go on listing all the things you like here, I don’t mind. And be sure your list is a very long one!

Are we all hedonists?

Do you remember my post ‘More than happiness’? Then you know that getting pleasure is essential for our happiness and well-being. And who doesn’t want pleasurable things in his/her life? If this isn’t a life goal on its own…

Come to your (five) senses!

To have pleasure, you need to come to your (five) senses! Our senses are like detectors. They ‘observe’ the environment and send messages to our brain. Our brain interprets the message and decides if something is sensed as rather positive or rather negative. Positive interpretation gives us positive feelings, pleasure and leaves us wanting more. Negative interpretation does the opposite leaving wanting us to avoid the experience.

So, to feel pleasure our senses need to be aroused. Quiz question: What are our five senses? Can you name them?… OK I will tell you: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But of course you knew that!

Our ‘sight’ is the easiest to get pleasure from. We can be at the seaside and look at all the different shades of grey of the sea. Shades of grey? Oh no, no, forget that! That’s a different topic! We can just be staring at the sky, being in the middle of a wood or in the mountains and enjoy the view and all the different colours. Or we can just enjoy looking at beautiful people, art works or whatever you enjoy looking at! It’s so easy!

Next easy sense to get pleasure from is ‘hearing’: You can enjoy the noises of the nature surrounding you, listening to the ocean waves, the birds singing, children playing… and of course with all modern technology, you can always have your favourite music with you, anywhere you go! It’s so easy!

The third sense is ‘smelling’; and boy, if something smells bad, I go running for the hills; How about you? But there are a lot of things that can smell wonderful: flowers, freshly-baked bread, freshly-made coffee. Here we have a clear link with taste. You can also buy good smell in a small bottle. That’s called perfume… mmm a nice fragrance can be so sexy!

In the beginning of this post, I told you I love yummy food and yummy drinks. Again it’s easy. We all need to eat and drink a few times a day anyway, just to stay alive. So why not taking pleasure of having a tasty meal and drinks?
The last of the five senses is ‘touch’. Think of stroking something warm and soft… what did you think of? Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know… What’s special about the touch sense is that our whole body can feel a touch. Wow! Imagine all the possibilities 😉

It’s so easy!

It is! It’s so easy to add more pleasure to your life. Is it expensive? No. It can be but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Is it hard to do? No again. The only thing you need to do is to pay a bit of attention to what your senses are telling you. Often things are even just there, waiting for you to notice them.

Does it take time? Yes, that’s the ‘bad’ news. It takes a bit of your time. Instead of running around like a chicken without a head, rushing to accomplish all the tasks you have set for yourself, you need to slow down. From time to time, you need to slow down and come to your senses; come to your senses and enjoy!

Your view?

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