Are you drowning in a sea of time?

Are you drowning in a sea of time? If so, I’m not sure whether I have to feel sorry for you or if I must say “Lucky you!”. Because I really would love to have a sea of time.

Are you drowning in a sea of time?

But if it’s only time that you have, no money (or not enough money to live), and no or very little energy, then I don’t envy you. Or to say it in the terminology of the three dimensions of life: When your Time level is high, and Money and Energy levels are low, that’s not a good situation to be in. But at least you’re not a modern slave. That’s something to be grateful for!

You don’t agree? Aaaah, look, if you are a modern slave, you don’t even have time, or money, or energy, that’s much worse. At least you have a sea of time! Man, maybe you don’t realise it but having time gives you a lot of possibilities to work with!

The bad news is time flies

I know this, you know this, everyone knows this. If you’re busy, time flies. The strange thing is, if you have a lot of time and you are just waiting for the time to pass, then time is passing sooo slowly! That’s so annoying! It would be great if it was the other way around, wouldn’t it? Yeah, but it isn’t.

Anyway, I hope that you are not one of those people who are just killing time. That is such a waste! They might not agree with it but it’s the case of a beggar, sitting on the pavement in a busy street or at the entrance of a supermarket or a shopping mall, apathetic, just hoping people give them enough money to survive the day.

Or it’s the case of a drugs addict, lying on his dingy bed after a new shot of whatever. It’s such a waste of their time, and a waste of their life! I can also think of someone who is unemployed, having a lot of time, but no money and feeling completely depressed about his situation, so motivation and energy levels are totally down.

What do these people have in common? It’s their state of mind. They believe their situation is hopeless. They believe they are unable to change anything. They don’t fight anymore and they accept the situation, even when they hate to be where they are.

The good news is you’re the pilot

That’s right! Time flies but you’re the pilot. You can always change your situation. Yes, you can! The first thing to do is a mind shift! You need to change your mindset and believe nothing is ever hopeless and change is ALWAYS possible.

So, how can you get the other dimensions Energy and Money to a higher level? Let’s first concentrate on you getting more Energy, then Money will follow. Something simple that only takes a few hours of your time or just one night and can give you a lot of energy is SLEEP. Getting enough sleep is the best energiser. Taking care of your health is a second one.

All this sounds simple but is not easy to do when you lack energy and are feeling tired, unmotivated or depressed. There is only one solution: Seek help! Ask for help from your partner, a relative or a close friend. If needed get professional help from your physician, psychologist, coach or social worker. It will be much easier and you will have a better chance to succeed with the support of other people helping you.

Then, once your batteries are recharged with energy and once you’re motivated to change things, you can start to think of how to get the Money level up.

The formula: Make a mind shift, nothing is hopeless and change is always possible. Do things to increase your energy level (start with your health and get enough sleep). Seek the help of others and once your energy level is higher, make a plan to improve your situation and take action. Rinse and repeat.

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