Are you slaving your life away?


Are you a modern slave? Maybe you are a slave but you don’t realise it… Ouch! Could that be true? Would that be possible? I mean, if you were a slave, at least you would know it yourself, wouldn’t you? Well anyway, if it’s the case, you should know!

Are you slaving your life away?

Let’s find out: Slavery literally is to be someone’s property; You are owned or controlled by another person and you are forced to work under mental or physical threat, or both. I suppose, as you are reading this blog post that this is not quite exactly the case for you.

But then what is this ‘Modern slave’ thing? Is it about voluntarily playing the role of a slave to love? Nope, definitely not! What I am talking about is life’s dimensions: Time, Money and Energy as in my articles “Life in 3D” and “The mysterious matrix of life’s dimensions”.

You see, you can be a modern slave if your job is taking up all of your time and energy, but not giving you any money, or very little, in return. In the terminology of the three dimensions of life: The Time-Money-Energy triangle is lying flat on the ground, all dimensions are low. You are a slave! Ouch!

Slave to the rhythm

Breathe to the rhythm,
Dance to the rhythm,
Work to the rhythm,
Live to the rhythm,
Love to the rhythm,
Slave to the rhythm.
Grace Jones

So who would these people be, who are a slave to every day’s rhythm? As an example, I can think of a single mum working part time in a supermarket or a fast food restaurant or similar, living in a big city where the cost of living is very high. The part time job is not giving enough to live but then she’s trapped, she can’t work full time because she doesn’t have anyone else who can look after her kid.

Or I can think of someone with a well-paid job but who has a huge mortgage and in addition to that, who has a credit card debt as high as the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai. Often people in this situation have a normal day job and an evening job and a weekend job. How else can you pay off your debt and avoid personal bankruptcy?

These are just examples but it’s obvious, this is a kind of situation you want to avoid like the plague! You are getting nowhere, you are wasting your time, your money (or the money you could earn by doing something else) and your energy. This is completely useless! Anything is better than this! You need to change this situation asap! Get out now!

How to break free

The first thing is to ensure you don’t end up in situations like this. I know, I know, that is often easier said than done. Sometimes it just takes one of life’s calamities to get into trouble: you lose everything you have in a fire, a flood, a storm, or you get divorced or pregnant when it’s not the right moment etc…

So what do you do then, when it’s too late and you find yourself slaving your life away?

There is only one way to break free: You will need to break the chain somewhere. And as there are three dimensions, that somewhere is to change one or two of the dimensions. You will need to free up some time or some energy, in general both, to invest in getting away from your current situation.

Think out of the box!

The single mother could see if she could find other parents who want to look after the children a few hours a week. In return she can do the same for their children, so both win a few hours per week. She can use the extra time to search if there are any social organisations that can help her or she can take a course, learn new skills and apply for a better job.

The person with the huge debt could get one day off. In that day he/she can take the time to see how to improve the situation. Maybe by making a budget, seeing that at least for the future, the overspending stops and setting up a strategy to decrease the debt, maybe by contacting the credit card or mortgage companies and re-negotiating conditions.

The formula: The first step is freeing up time and energy. Second step is with that time and energy to take action to improve your situation.

So are you slaving your life away? I hope not, but if you are, you now know what to do about it. Is it easy? No. Is it impossible? Not at all. Think out of the box! Then, action, GO!

Your view?

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