Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!

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There you have the recipe for great achievements, right in the title! That’s all folks! We’re done for today, you know it all now, end of the blog post…

Or maybe that is not such a good idea, no, please stay with me and read on… of course there is more to say about it!

Did you ever play a video game and you couldn’t stop until you got to the next level? And you couldn’t stop then either, because you wanted to conquer another level, and another one, and so on…

Did you ever start a project like reorganising your work, a team, your house, your garden or whatever? I’m sure you know the feeling. You feel totally motivated, full of energy and you can only think of one thing: getting this done! And have you ever been in a competition in your sport and again, you could only think of one thing: Scoring, winning!

What do all these situations above have in common? Exactly! In each and every one, you have this drive to accomplish what you had in mind, to hit your target and to achieve your goal.

Dream it and believe it!

Did you notice the starting point of the achievements? DREAM IT! This means you start with whatever end result you want in mind! So what is your dream? I hope you have at least a few. “Yes” I hear you say with a lot of hesitation in your voice “The problem is dreams are dreams. They seem so unrealistic; they will never come true.”

Come on, man up! Every dream that is not going against the laws of physics can come true. And you better believe it! And sometimes it even happens that against all the odds, a dream comes true. So why not yours?

If you have a dream, big or small, believe in it. Believe it can come true. Believe in your competencies and capabilities! BELIEVE IT!

Believe it and achieve it!

Awesome! You dream something that you desire in real life and you believe in your capabilities to make the dream come true. What’s next? Guess…

No, not to achieve it. Yes, that’s what is in the title but that would be just too easy! There are no short cuts here! Now that you believe it, you have to commit to it. This is Critical, with a big capital C. If you don’t commit, dreams will just stay dreams.

And then… Action! No pain, no gain! Get to work! And that should not take a lot of effort. If you’re really pursuing your dream and you have committed to achieving it, then you’re as fired up as hell and as motivated as a devil.

How wonderful does it feel when you see that you’re really getting somewhere… you’re progressing and your target is coming closer 🙂 And then finally, at last, when all the work is done, you ACHIEVE IT!

Now you can sit back and enjoy. Enjoy the results of your hard work and enjoy the success! Does it surprise you that ‘Achievements’ is a happiness factor of well-being? The more you achieve, the happier you feel, the higher your level of well-being (well-being meant as a sustainable form of happiness).

Imagine with all your mind, Believe with all your heart and Achieve with all your might! I don’t know who wrote this quote but it comes to this: Dream it, believe it, achieve it! Just do it! (by Nike 🙂 )

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