Kick the bucket (list)!


No, don’t kick the bucket! Don’t kick the bucket yet… Before doing that, have you made up your list? Your bucket list? And if you have, are all points checked? Nothing left? If all points are checked, then now is a good moment to add some more items to your list, before you kick the bucket.

Kick the bucket (list)

“What is this all about?” I hear you ask. Am I speaking in tongues? No, no! Don’t worry. The expression “Kicking the bucket” became known from a movie “The bucket list” in which two terminally ill cancer patients make up a list of all the things they still want to do before they die (kick the bucket).

After all YOLO is the motto! Speaking in tongues again…

You only live once!

So isn’t that a good idea, to create your bucket list? A list of all the dreams you want to see come true, all the experiences you want to live and all the goals you want to achieve in your time here on Earth? At first sight it is a good idea, if you don’t want to fill your life with just working, eating, sleeping, watching TV, sitting in the pub and playing computer games.

But if watching TV, sitting in the pub or playing computer games is on your bucket list, that’s fine too. However, in general, that is not what the bucket list is about.
The usual bucket list items are cultural things like watching the sun set in Machu Pichu, the sun rise in Venice, discussing with the Buddhist monks in Kathmandu or seeing Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Michelangelo’s David or Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Or typical items are special experiences like swimming with the dolphins, sharks or crocodiles, volcano surfing, bungee jumping, wing suit flying etc. but it can be much more than that!

No time to waste!

So to be sure that once you’re about to kick the bucket, you’ve had a life well-lived, go and create that bucket list. The objective is to remind you to take action and to achieve the things that matter to you, instead of wasting your time with useless activities.

At second sight, I can’t ignore the feeling that this bucket list is so superficial. After having all that money can buy, now we need to buy a myriad of must have experiences. See the Mona Lisa: checked. Bungee jumping done: checked. Next item on the list: Glacier climbing on the Kilimanjaro before the glacier has melted away. Hopping from one experience to another…

Creating your bucket list is clearly not about having a list to show off when talking with your acquaintances, colleagues or friends nor is it about adding fragments of the world’s highlights to your life just for the sake of it. The whole point is in the words ‘achieve the things that MATTER TO YOU’.

It should not be about art works you must see, places you must visit or extreme experiences you must have had. These ‘must see, must do, must have’ are dictated by… yes, by whom? It should not solely be about satisfying your selfish need for continuous novelty. If it is, in that case, kick the bucket list! 😉

Instead, look at what long term goals you want to achieve. Who are the people who are important in your life? What would you like to learn, to explore? And what life style do you want for yourself and your family?
Create your bucket list bearing these questions in mind and make it an authentic and genuine list for yourself. And if there are cultural highlights or special experiences on your list, that’s fine but they should not be the only goals on your list.

And don’t kick the bucket yet, there still must remain some unchecked items on you bucket list!

Your view?

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