Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent!


I wish I invented that quote. I don’t know who invented it but it wasn’t me. But I think it’s a nice one; and a wise one; and it fits perfectly with today’s topic which is safety and security. And that is what it’s all about on the second level of Maslow’s pyramid of needs. As you know from previous posts, the bottom level of the pyramid of needs is focused on immediate survival in the short term.

Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent!

The second level is also focused on survival but in the medium & long term. This level is about your health and your personal and financial security. Wow! I could write one hundred posts on each of these topics separately. And maybe I will write a few but for now, let’s just look at how these subjects have their place in the pyramid of needs. And I hate the word ‘should’, but in this case and after your basic needs are met, good health and security (personal and financial) SHOULD be part of your life goals.

The First Wealth is Health

Thank you Ralph W. Emmerson (1803-1882) for the quote! No more quotes in this post, I promise! I don’t want you to think I can’t write anything by myself 😉 and back to our subject health: Everyone knows good health is important but now you will get to know why. First of all, being in good health gives you the best chance to survive much longer. It also helps you with your personal security and of course it enables you to work on your financial security. Apart from these logical reasons, being in good health gives you a good feeling of being strong, fit and full of energy. And who doesn’t want to feel like that?

So, if you know you need to go and see a doctor or the dentist for a check-up, don’t procrastinate! Make an appointment now! If you’re not feeling too well but you’re dragging your feet, do the same… make an appointment now! The sooner you do this, the sooner you will feel better. If you’re currently ill, and you went to see a doctor, then do what he told you, take your medicine and take good care of your body! In any case, take good care of your health and don’t wait for anyone else to take care of you. Your health is too important and it’s a corner stone of your well-being. Sorry if I sound like your mum. She must be a wise lady! 😉

Safety first!

Personal safety first! Do I need to explain anything here? Finally, the purpose of looking after your personal safety is to keep you in good health. So if you go out, see that you come back safe and sound! It is as simple as that! If you need to walk on a street that isn’t safe, or you need to cross a neighbourhood that isn’t safe, don’t do it. Take the longer safer way. Do I need to say something about when you’re with your bicycle, your motor bike or your car? I’m sure you know all the theory! It is all fairly simple: Take the safer way, even if it takes a bit more time, even if it costs you a bit more money and even if it takes an effort. It will be worth it all!

Your money or your life!

Aaah, I know, this is usually used in another context but I think it matches very well with the last subject of today’s post which is financial security. If you don’t have a certain level of financial security, it will be difficult to look after your health as you should and then you go back to the bottom level of the pyramid of needs which is to try and survive on a day-to-day basis. That’ no life!

Now what is your best guarantee for financial security? Work? Winning the lottery? Marrying a rich man/woman? Hahaha, gotcha! This is a tricky question. Your best guarantee is to see that money is coming into your pocket, or more sophisticated, into your bank account; but at the same time you have to see that there is less money going out than there is coming in. “That’s obvious, don’t tell me what I already know” I hear you say. I’m sure that you know this, but with all the possibilities for getting mortgages, loans and credit cards, and with our economy encouraging us to buy more stuff than we ever need, we could forget this golden rule. Don’t get caught in that pitfall!

What has all that to do with happiness and well-being? Well, the higher you climb the pyramid of needs, the higher your level of well-being will be and the happier you will feel. So, once your basic needs are fulfilled, look for your health and security, both your personal and financial security. Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent!

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