What is this blog about?

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Hi, welcome to my blog!

I’m sure that the first question that pops up is: “What is this blog about?” The answer is partly but not entirely in the title: “Nothing else matters”.

Nothing else matters… but happiness and well-being!

There… I said it! Nothing else matters but happiness and well-being! If you don’t agree on this, that’s fine, then please stop reading now, go and do something else, it’s useless to continue! But if you do agree, then be my guest and let me tell you what this blog is about and a lot more.

So, you already guessed… this blog is about Happiness and Well-being. Let’s look at the sub-title: a blog about Personal and Life Design. That says it all! This blog is on how to design yourself as a person and how to design your life, so you feel happier, are living a happier life and you have a higher level of well-being.

What can you expect?

Maybe I should first start with what you should not expect and what you are not getting: If you expect some academic, psychological, scientifically proven analyses, sorry, then you will be disappointed. Oh no, that’s not my style! Does that mean I will be talking nonsense then? Hey, now I feel offended… Of course not. You will see what I mean… keep reading.

I intend to write posts on Happiness and Well-being in general, my thoughts upon it, experiences, opinions etc. While ‘Happiness’ is probably clear to any and everyone, ‘Well-being’ might not be. When I write about well-being, it is meant in the sense of a high level of ‘sustainable happiness’ and having a good life. Don’t confuse well-BEING with wellNESS, like in bubble bath and hot stone massage. You won’t find anything of the kind on this blog either.

Another big heading is ‘Values and beliefs’. How do these have anything to do with happiness and well-being? Well, you will see… but you can be sure they have a big influence on your happiness and well-being and there is a lot to say about them. Anyway, everyone has their values and beliefs and they are probably different from one person to another. And that’s what makes it interesting!

Important for your happiness is also a healthy level of self esteem! You can expect some posts about that as well. You already got it, all that is part of the personal design ‘chapter’. In the life design ‘chapter’ we will have topics like setting up your life goals, setting your priorities and making plans… Wow exiting isn’t it!

Who is this blog for?

Have you ever met someone who deliberately wanted to be unhappy? I haven’t. So I could be very short on this question: This blog is for everyone. But maybe that is a bit too easy. I have the feeling I need to be a bit more specific about this. So… here we go.

We can start with this: As this blog is written in English, it is obviously for English speaking people. Geographically, this means from North-America, over Europe, a part of Africa, Asia and the Pacific area. Quite a lot, and I know there is more people speaking Chinese, Hindi and Spanish. But my Chinese, Hindi and Spanish are not that good 😉

Do I need to be even more specific about who this blog is for? Gender: Men or women? Both are most welcome on my blog. Maybe a range of age: You can follow my blog, let’s say as a young adult till… there’s no expiration date. And you don’t need to have a degree in rocket science, but some common sense always helps.

But to keep things simple, for those who are feeling completely unhappy, often unhappy, sometimes unhappy but sometimes happy too, reasonably happy but not quite, relatively happy but wanting more… guess what? This blog is for you!

Your view?

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